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Project Description

The Azure File Depot is an effort to provide sample implementations of various tasks related to using blob storage to move files around. It contains a series of simple classes that help demonstrate common tasks (such as creating a Shared Access Signature for a blob) and business challenges (the automated publication of files from on-premises to Azure and/or an Azure hosted VM).

I need to stress that this is only a starting point and doesn't likely even reflect the final name for this project. I'm hopefully that as I continue to tweak and grow the project, you can help me build up a community around this and turn it into something truly valuable.

June 9, 2014

I've updated the project to include the new "BlobWatcher" sample. This attempts to emulate what WebJobs does with regards to monitoring for and acting on newly arrived blob files. Currently targeting only block blobs and small page blobs, it shows how to scan the logs, parse them, and an implementation of a "gatekeeper" pattern so only one process can scan the logs at a time.

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